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Dock Lifeguard

Redhead Yacht Club Dock Lifeguard



  • Visual and Audible Warning of Electrical Current (AC or DC) in the water
  • Weather resistant enclosure
  • Super bright LED indicator
  • Detects hazardous voltage and current in water or on dock
  • Radius of Detection; approximately 40'. Water conditions and underwater objects may reduce range
  • Should not be used as substitute for correct dock wiring
  • Detects if dock is electrified or water is electrified
  • Professional installation available

Dock Lifeguard, LLC, was formed in July of 2012 after two engineers heard about three deaths from electrocution that  happened at their local lake over the Fourth of July weekend.    In two separate incidents two young children and one woman were electrocuted while swimming in the water next to their docks.

The result of these unfortunate incidents was the inspiration behind the Dock Lifeguard product.  The solution was not simple, as many variables affect current detection in the water.   Characteristics of metal change over time when placed in the water, making this dilemma require an engineered solution.


DLG Inludes


Dock Lifeguard Range

Dock Warning Unit



Made in USA

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